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We are a team of experienced designers, marketing & communication specialists, brand strategists, web developers, writers, and photographers.

We may not all work under one roof, however, we are mobile, flexible, and bring an infinite amount of expertise and experience to the table...wherever that table may be located. Keep reading and get to know our exceptional team!


Tammy Kennedy


Tammy is a Certified Graphic Designer (CGD) and a Professional Member of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada. With more than 23 years’ experience in communication design, she has worked with a wide variety of public and private companies, as well as not-for-profit organizations. She has an outstanding talent for typography and an ability to convey a message brilliantly and effectively, consistently producing innovative and successful corporate identity solutions.

Erin Anderson


Erin has focused her 20-year graphic design career on corporate identity solutions, marketing collateral, and book design. Her creative leadership in designing more than 100 coffee table books—each one celebrating the lives of people and businesses—has established Erin as an acknowledged expert in outstanding book design. Her artistic flair and passion for storytelling have naturally transitioned into numerous successful brand, marketing, and web projects. Recognized for successful corporate identity solutions, clients have come to rely on her passion for and commitment to delivering outstanding results.

Sandy Gerber


For over 20 years, Sandy has revitalized marketing and messaging for companies of all sizes, including some of Canada's most beloved brands. The visionary of the Decision Driver™ communication technique, Sandy is passionate about empowering businesses and teaching entrepreneurs how to market themselves effectively. Through her strategic Marketing Action Plans and training services, Sandy guides entrepreneurs and business teams to examine the motivations and behaviours of their customers and how to use that awareness to develop competitive brand strategies, craft unique marketing content, design effective sales tools, improve customer experience and communications, and ultimately, motivate customers to act.

Julie Prescott


Julie is an insightful communications consultant who crafts ideas, messages and stories, and understands their strategic value. Inspired by other people's life experiences, she draws on her own rich and varied personal and professional background, in Canada and abroad, including 10 years as owner of a full-service communications/design agency with a wide variety of clients, large and small. Julie is a skilled wordsmith, and an award-winning fine art photographer.

Keltie Munro


Keltie brings over 15 years of marketing expertise to the Kennedy Anderson team. She has worked with marketing and strategy teams for a number of Fortune 500 companies, including Unilever, Eddie Bauer, Dell, and IBM. In addition to having a passion for market research and tracking competitive trends across markets, Keltie has varied experience in brand management, positioning, marketing strategy, and business communications, with a focus on developing full-scale marketing plans and uncovering unique brand stories for each project.

Megan Finnerty


A creative at heart, Megan brings a fresh perspective and her own unique eye to the Kennedy Anderson team. After completing her degree in Culture and Technology studies at Capilano University, her more recent completion of the Design Essentials program through BCIT and Emily Carr University allowed her to set her design career in motion. While also working for TransLink's Marketing department, with a focus on wayfinding, Megan's passion for design and ability to adapt allow her to happily thrive in any creative environment.

Matt Gomes


As the Senior Software Engineer for start-up Fatique Science since 2015, Matt was responsible for the web-features of the company’s application. This included working with the product team on specifications through to development in HTML / CSS / JS / Rails. Drawing on his previous six years experience as Tech Lead at Rethink, an award-winning design agency, Matt became a jack-of-all-trades for Fatigue Science. He handled their infrastructure and has worked with the mobile team on their Angular / Ionic / Cordova applications. He also found time to work with the HR team, hiring, managing and mentoring co-op students and junior software engineers.

Stephen Drozdik


Stephen has over 18 years of programming experience developing websites. He has shifted his focus over the last five years to the creation of backend systems and app development. Stephen works as an independent consultant, giving him the opportunity to develop solutions for wide variety of organizations and consumer products.

Kathryn Langsford


A self-taught artist and entrepreneur, Kathryn quickly positioned herself as Vancouver’s premiere portrait photographer, and is sought after by the most well-known of Vancouver personalities. Shooting her subjects in a friendly, relaxed manner, Kathryn’s focus is on the comfort and enjoyment of those she photographs, whether it is a family session or a shoot for corporate use. Years of working with and photographing people, and a keen and artful eye has honed her ability to create beautifully unique, artistic portraits.

Chris Baker


Chris has close to 25 years experience in the printing industry. As owner of Printhink Solutions, he has been the go-to print expert for Tammy and Erin for close to 10 years. Clients can count on him for his expert knowledge, superior customer service, and to deliver the highest quality, cost-effective print solutions.

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